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Our History

On July 31, 2004 our world came crashing down when Garrett Jamison Wimmer was born still due to an umbilical cord accident.  He was to be our first child and grandchild on both sides of his family.  He was wanted.  He was loved.  He was born an angel.

We were shocked to learn how frequently otherwise healthy babies are stillborn in the final weeks and days before their birth.  We were concerned that expectant parents aren’t even told about stillbirth risks.  We were saddened to learn that little research is being done about the many stillbirths categorized as “cause unknown” and yet believed to be due to umbilical cord and/or placenta issues.  Modern medical technology makes it possible to identify umbilical cord and placental issues in the third trimester and to manage those situations to a joyous outcome, yet employing those technologies is not current obstetrical practice.  We believe this must change in order to give these babies their first breath and their families the joy that only a new child can bring.

The Star Legacy Foundation was formed out of a need to turn the grief into something positive and to work tirelessly in the hope that other families might be spared a similar needless tragedy.  The Foundation took root in 2005 with our first “Golfing for Garrett” golf benefit.  Each year since then the benefit has grown and prospered.  In addition, other events and activities have been planned to support the ongoing mission and vision of the Foundation and we have become a nationally recognized organization.  We are truly grateful to the many, many individuals, families and companies that share in our vision and hope for a brighter future for the nearly 30, 000 babies stillborn in the US each year and 4.5 million stillborn around the world.

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