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Mindy Mueller

Mindy and her husband Jeremy are parents to Kiley, angel baby Abigail Patricia and Tucker.  Mindy has been a member of the Star Legacy Board of Directors since 2011.

Mindy grew up in northern Wisconsin and received a BA in Finance from  University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and a Masters in Business Administration in 2004.  Mindy has worked for GE Healthcare for 11 years, currently as the Regional Operations Manager for Lake Erie.

On Abby’s 1st birthday, Mindy says, “I needed to do something for Abby. I don’t get to do the regular stuff like birthday parties, school shopping, pigtails, bathtime… I started Abby’s Run in 2010 and added Abby’s Ride (motorcycle and ATV) in 2013. This is what I do for Abby. My original goal was to make sure people didn’t forget that Abby existed. Now, I am confident that won’t happen, but feel passionately that we can and must do something to minimize stillbirths. Abby is helping to change the world!”

To date, Mindy has held events in multiple locations, and even outside the U.S. She has been able to raise over $40,000 for stillbirth research & education in Abby’s Honor. This year, the 3rd Annual Abby’s Ride will be held in August and the 6th annual Abby’s Run/Walk will be in Sept & Oct in several locations.

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