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Mindy Mueller

Mindy lives with her husband Jeremy and are parents to Kylie, angel baby Abigail Patricia and Tucker.  Mindy has been a member of the Star Legacy Board of Directors since 2011 and is the Finance Committee Chair for the Stillbirth Summit.
Mindy grew up in northern Wisconsin and received a BA in Finance from  University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and a Masters in Business Administration in 2004.  The Mueller’s currently live in Milwaukee and Mindy works as a financial analyst for GE Healthcare.
According to Mindy, “We will never make any progress in reducing the number of stillbirths if we don’t talk about it. That is why I decided, on Abby’s 1st birthday, to start Abby’s Run which to date has raised over $17,000 for stillbirth research & education.  The 3rd Annual Abby’s Run will be held in October of 2012 in several locations.

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