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Jeremy & Mindy Mueller


Meet Our Champions

Jeremy & Mindy Mueller’s story is heart-breaking, as are all stillbirth stories. And like most, they do not know what happened to their beautiful little Abby. That just isn’t ok with the Mueller’s. When Mindy contacted the Star Legacy Foundation we recognized her pain and her need to do something because, it is what drives us all. Perfectly healthy babies should not die before they are born. Something happens, but why in this day and age of sophisticated medicine, don’t we have the answers and the solution to making sure these babies all go home to their loving families.

According to Mindy, “We will never make any progress in reducing the number of stillbirths if we don’t talk about it. That is why I decided, on Abby’s 1st birthday, to start Abby’s Run. As crazy as it sounds, it came to me in a dream. Ever since that day, I am compelled to drive change. It doesn’t give me peace, but it gives me focus, determination, and purpose. It makes me feel that I am doing SOMETHING for my daughter. I also want to keep her memory alive, I don’t want anyone to forget that she existed. I believe we can make a difference. The world is a very small place. Almost 1 year to the day of losing Abby we were blessed enough to welcome a miracle..Tucker Charles. It was a terrifying and unexpected pregnancy that we will be eternally grateful for….to God, to all the medical professionals who took extra care of us, our families, and to our new friends at the Star Legacy Foundation who provided unlimited support. We are so proud to work with the Star Legacy Foundation in Abby’s memory and living honor of Kiley and Tucker.”

The first annual Abby’s Run was held in October of 2010 with results that delighted us and exceeded the Mueller’s expectations. Over $6,000 was raised and donated to the Star Legacy Foundation and will further the research and education efforts we believe are necessary and will one day make a difference. We are grateful to Jeremy, Mindy and all of their supporters. We look forward to a very successful Abby’s Run 2011!

October 15, 2011 – Once again the friends, family, co-workers and supports of Abby’s Run joined together for the 2nd Annual Abby’s Run. This year the run was expanded to additional locations in Mexico and Texas and several others through the “Virtual Run” program which allowed anyone to participate in Abby’s Run regardless of their location. Although the final results are not yet available, it is anticipated that once again the Mueller’s have honored little Abby by exceeding their goals. Stay tuned for details about the 3rd Annual Abby’s Run 2012.

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