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Trent & Lindsey Wimmer

Meet Our Champions

Trent and Lindsey Wimmer were like many first-time parents just weeks before the expected arrival of their precious baby.  They were nervous, but excited to begin their journey as parents.  After a very healthy and uneventful pregnancy, they were shocked to learn that their son would be stillborn at 38 weeks. Garrett Jamison Wimmer was born on July 31, 2004.  

Trent and Lindsey were surprised by the number of friends and family who had endured similar losses of children.  Lindsey is a pediatric nurse practitioner and still did not feel prepared for the possibility that her child could die during a healthy pregnancy, late in the third trimester, and without any symptoms.  Most people describe this same naivety despite the prevalence.  “It made us sad that so many of our loved ones had endured similar pain, and we had no idea”, says Lindsey.  They decided that Garrett’s time in their lives would not be hidden from anyone and they welcomed the opportunity to talk about him.  

While looking in the medical literature for more information about what could have happened,Lindsey was shocked to see that so little attention is given to stillbirth by health care in general.  Lindsey and Trent started the Star Legacy Foundation with their families to do what they could to support research and education that might someday prevent these tragedies.  

In 2006, the Wimmer family hosted the first annual Golfing for Garrett in Colorado.  It has continued to grow each year and they have raised over $30,000 for Star Legacy. In 2011, they took a year off because they were in the process of moving to Minnesota and are proud to announce that Golfing for Garrett will return in 2013 in Minnesota as the Star Legacy Foundation Classic. 

Trent and Lindsey live in Eden Prairie, Minnesota with their three living children, Grant, Bennett, and Austyn. 

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