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Champions Program

The Champions program is our newest program and we are excited to begin this journey.  A Star Legacy Foundation Champion is a company, organization or individual that wishes to hold a promotion, event or sale to raise at least $2000 to benefit the Star Legacy Foundation.  The Star Legacy Foundation would love to visit with you about a project you may want to consider.  We have numerous resources available to assist you. 

Star Legacy Champions will be considered Diamond Star Members receive those membershipbenefits.  Champions will receive two complimentary tickets to the annual Celebration of Hope Gala and will be honored at a reception preceding the event. Each Champion story will be shared in the Celebration of Hope event program, the Star Legacy Newsletter and on the Star Legacy Foundation website.
Why We Created the Champions Program
Many times families want to honor and remember a child and benefit stillbirth causes at the same time.  However, the task of developing a non-profit organization to provide tax deductible donations is complicated and involves significant time and ongoing and overwhelming paperwork.  Through the Champions program, we are now able to support individuals and families honoring their own child by partnering with them in holding their own event.  We can offer numerous resources to support your event  
Becoming a Champion
You may have experience in holding special events and already have a clear vision of what your event will be and what it will include. We are here to support your efforts in any way that you need. However, for others this may be your first effort at special event/fund raising.  We have experienced individuals and resources to help you.  We have developed the Star Legacy Champions Program Guide to help you decide what your event/project will be and how to get started.  We can recommend events that will be suitable to your interests, experience and desires.  Some activities are more appropriate for the experienced event/fund raising individual and we will try to help you find an event that you can achieve great success!  Whatever you choose, we will work to support you! 
For more information on how you can host your own become a Star Legacy Champion, contact us at or call Shauna at (612) 889-9439.

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